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KPA announces its stand for the Lok Sabha elections

KPA announces its stand for the Lok Sabha elections

The Kerala Pravasi Association, which started functioning with the approval of the Central Election Commission, will provide unconditional support to the UDF candidates in Kerala.
Chairman Rajendran Vellapalath made the announcement at a press conference at the Malabar Palace in Kozhikode.

KPA is a movement that realizes the relevance of front politics while maintaining its own identity in Kerala. Rajendran stated that when the nation faces an election, it is the responsibility of a popular political party to publicly declare its positions and move forward.

KPA’s announcement is expected to create movement in present-day politics. The nation survives by protecting democracy and secularism. KPA cannot reconcile itself to the position of fostering vote politics by increasing polarization in Kerala politics and hence declared its unconditional support to UDF candidates after proper assessment of the present political scenario.

Formed to lead the Diaspora community and the Kerala people towards development, the KPA will campaign for the victory of the UDF candidates in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. This decision was made after much deliberation and debates about who should vote for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and which front to support.

In the current Indian political context, the “India Front” was formed by parties including the Congress to prevent the country from reaching fascism.

While in Karnataka and West Bengal, the CPM, who have been in power for over three decades, is standing for the Congress. Today’s political scenario in Kerala demands that the KPA vote goes for the UDF in all its 20 constituencies.

KPA is of the unwavering belief that the UDF is key for the development of Kerala. An organization cannot co-exist with outdated ideologies that could dangerously result in stagnant development. It is in this context that the KPA National Council calls on all the sub-committees to take action to win the UDF candidates.

KPA believes that in the overall development of Kerala, it is necessary for non-residents to have influence in the administration. The KPA is currently not part of any front. KPA Chairman Rajendran Vellapalath added that the support given to the UDF now is unconditional.

National Council Chairman Rajendran Vellapalath, National Council General Secretary Jerry Raju, National Council members Sandeep Vellapalath, Shaheen Khan, Shaji B Nair, Anil Kumar, Sanil B Manjakot and Ebin Mathew represented Kerala Pravasi Association in the press conference held in Kozhikode.