Kerala Pravasi Association (KPA) Political Party

Indian Political Party

The Kerala Pravasi Association (KPA), led by expatriate Indians, was recognized and approved by the Election Commission of India to be established as an independent political party—the first of its kind in India, in September 2022.

The Kerala Pravasi Association party operates under the resolute motto of “Empowering Pravasis for a Self-Sufficient and Self-Reliant India.”

The primary mission of the Kerala Pravasi Association is to implement the vision of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) in 36 key areas affecting the daily lives of people in India. These areas include poverty alleviation, agriculture, dairy development, unemployment reduction, infrastructure development (such as drinking water, housing, and healthcare), environmental protection, energy, clean Kerala, insurance, renewable energy, electric vehicles, drug-free Kerala, e-governance, women’s safety and empowerment, and more.

Since its formation, the Kerala Pravasi Association has been actively working towards equal opportunities for all Pravasi Indians.

One of its notable achievements is the Ayiram Bhawan Project, an initiative led by the Kerala Pravasi Association Trust, aimed at providing housing and improving the quality of life for people in Kerala. The association successfully handed over the first two homes constructed under this vision to their rightful owners. The event also witnessed the handover of a second house, which was built with financial assistance from the KPA Trust, as well as the announcement of financial aid for a house damaged during the monsoons.

Additionally, the Kerala Pravasi Association (KPA) is committed to ensuring that expatriates can exercise their right to consent and participate in the democratic process by casting votes in their home country. The association has approached the Supreme Court with the intention of obtaining voting rights for Pravasis.

The KPA has also filed a plea seeking an independent expert committee to study the efficacy of Intra Dermal Rabies Vaccines (IDRVs) administered to humans, following recent deaths in Kerala due to rabies-infected dog bites, despite timely administration of the vaccine.

Another significant initiative undertaken by the KPA is the legal intervention to address high airfares to and from Gulf countries. The association filed a petition challenging Rule 135 of the 1937 Aircraft Rules, arguing that the exorbitant prices charged by airlines for travel between Gulf countries and India are unconstitutional. This issue has created severe obstacles for Indians traveling to and from these nations, especially for employment, business, and education.

The Kerala Pravasi Association has also approached the High Court regarding the negligence of the State Government in not including Kerala expatriates over the age of 60 in the Pravasi Welfare Fund Scheme, despite a court directive to raise the age limit for membership.

Beyond addressing the needs of Pravasis, the party has announced the establishment of, a recruitment company aimed at combating unemployment among approximately 40 lakh educated youths in the state and the rest of the country. The Kerala Pravasi Association also plans to organize job fairs across the country to promote

Furthermore, the Kerala Pravasi Association has taken a vocal stance against activities such as strikes, destruction of public property, and disruption of public life, which are commonly practiced by other political parties.

The Kerala Pravasi Association functions through the formation of Panchayat, Municipal, Corporation, District, and State Committees, overseen by a 36-member National Council comprising members from all 14 districts of Kerala and other states.

All Indians above the age of 18, including the expatriate population, have the opportunity to become active members of the association by obtaining Ordinary Membership and Active Membership starting from June 1.

The Kerala Pravasi Association is committed to remaining active in Indian politics and exerting pressure on the government regarding all issues related to Pravasi Indians, as well as raising concerns faced by the common people in India.

Aswani’s leadership extends to various areas of focus within the KPA party, such as empowering women, promoting education and skill development, advocating for expatriate rights, and addressing social issues affecting the diaspora. She actively contributes to shaping policies, organizing events, and leading initiatives that support the objectives of the association. She also represents the party at various forums, meetings, and events, both within India and internationally. As a visionary leader and passionate advocate, she excels in effectively conveying the mission, accomplishments, and aspirations of the organization.


Kerala Sri


The Kerala Sri project is the brainchild of Aswani Nambarambath, formulated for the empowerment of women.
The project is an impactful initiative led by the Kerala Pravasi Association (KPA) that focuses on making Kerala a safer and more empowering place for women. It recognizes the importance of gender equality and aims to create a society where women can thrive and feel safe.

From gender-based violence, to discrimination in the work place, the KeralaSri project focuses on enhancing the safety and security of women by raising awareness, advocating for policy changes, and implementing practical solutions.

Through engaging campaigns, interactive workshops, and thought-provoking seminars, the project raises awareness and educates our generation about women’s rights and the importance of gender equality. By fostering a supportive environment, the project aims to challenge harmful stereotypes and promote positive attitudes towards women.

Empowering the women of our nation plays a crucial role in the KeralaSri project. It aims to provide women with the necessary skills, resources, and opportunities to lead independent and fulfilling lives. The project supports initiatives that promote women’s education, vocational training, entrepreneurship, and financial inclusion, thereby enhancing their economic and social empowerment.

Through collaboration with various stakeholders, including government bodies, NGOs, and community organizations and Pravasi contributions, the KeralaSri project strives to create a comprehensive framework for women’s safety and empowerment. It encourages dialogue, partnerships, and collective action to drive meaningful change and create a society where women can thrive without fear or discrimination.

KeralaSri is also looking to bridge the gender disparity that is seen in Indian politics today. Whether at the highest echelons of power or at grassroots level in social movements, women have proven their mettle nationally and regionally, yet women’s political participation and overall motivation remain low. This is despite the Indian Constitution’s provision for equal opportunity.

A bill to reserve a third of all seats in the national and state legislatures for women has been stalled in the Indian parliament for almost three decades. Kerala Pravasi Association (KPA) recognizes the value of having more women comrades and constantly encourage their active participation.

The KeralaSri project demonstrates the commitment of the Kerala Pravasi Association to championing women’s rights and creating a gender-equal society. By addressing the unique challenges faced by women and implementing strategic interventions, the project aims to create a safer, more inclusive, and empowering environment for women in Kerala.


KPA Trust

Non-Profit Organization

The Kerala Pravasi Association Trust is a non-profit organization established by the Kerala Pravasi Association (KPA) with the aim of addressing the welfare and development needs of the expatriate Indian community. Kerala Pravasi Association Trust relies on CSR funds and Crowd Funding, where individual donations are key to raise funds for various initiatives.

The trust operates independently to implement various initiatives and projects that benefit Pravasi Indians and contribute to the betterment of society.

The primary objective of the Kerala Pravasi Association Trust is to provide support and assistance to Pravasi Indians in various aspects of their lives. This includes initiatives focused on housing, healthcare, education, skill development, and employment opportunities. The trust recognizes the challenges faced by expatriates and works towards alleviating their difficulties and improving their quality of life.

One of its most notable projects has been the “Ayiram Bhawan Project” – which aims to provide housing to the underprivileged sections of society. Through this initiative, the trust constructs and hands over homes to deserving individuals and families, thereby uplifting their living conditions and promoting social welfare.

Most recently they handed over the first two homes constructed under this vision to their rightful owners. The event also witnessed the handover of a second house, which was built with financial assistance from the KPA Trust, as well as the announcement of financial aid for a house damaged during the monsoons.

In addition to housing initiatives, the Kerala Pravasi Association Trust actively supports healthcare programs and initiatives. The party works towards providing access to affordable healthcare facilities, organizing medical camps, and facilitating healthcare services for Pravasi Indians in need. The Association recently unveiled a new Health Insurance Scheme that promises to provide access to quality health care and health insurance.

Furthermore, the trust emphasizes on educational development and skill enhancement programs. It promotes educational opportunities for Pravasi youth, facilitates scholarships, and supports vocational training initiatives to enhance their employability.

The Kerala Pravasi Association Trust operates with transparency and integrity, ensuring that funds and resources are utilized effectively for the benefit of the expatriate community. Through its dedicated efforts, the trust strives to make a positive impact on the lives of Pravasi Indians and contribute to the overall development of society as well as the needs of the expatriate Indian community. It works towards ensuring opportunities, support, and improving the overall well-being of Pravasi Indians, thereby fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment among them.


Kerala Pravasi Association


Kerala Pravasi Association was founded by Rajendran Vellapalath (Founder & National Council Chairman) and Aswani Nambarambath (Founder & National Council President), with a vision to build a strong, independent and self-sufficient progressive India, under the leadership of the Pravasi’s.

Today, India is the largest source country of international migrants. Indians constitute 6.4 per cent of the world’s total migrant/expatriate population, i.e. 17.5 million migrants, a number that continues to grow. The Indo-Gulf region is the second largest migration corridor in the world. About 8.5 million of the approximately 31 million diaspora Indians work in the Gulfand they remain a major sources of foreign currency contributor to the country via remittance/remittances to their family, relatives or friends.

By strengthening national savings, capital formation, investment, etc., new employment opportunities are created and it helps the Indian economy.

The contribution of diaspora in India’s GDP is very important. However, the expatriate community has always remained vulnerable to severe exploitation, denial of rights and neglect at all stages of exile. Expatriates, those who have returned from diaspora, academics seeking work in diaspora, unemployed young women and even family members of expatriates have often faced neglect and denial of rights.
Kerala Pravasi Association was founded with the aim of building a self-sufficient India from the perspective of the diaspora, with people’s participation and by utilizing the expatriate’s international and international exposure, experience of undertaking work ventures, considerable expertise, strength and energy to overcome any challenges.