Kerala Pravasi Association has actively undertaken several generous initiatives aimed to improve and uplift the quality of life of the people in Kerala. These causes mark the beginning of a transformative journey that will positively impact the lives of citizens from all sections of society, paving the way for a better tomorrow.

The association’s commitment to these causes demonstrate their dedication to championing the rights and aspirations of Pravasi Indians and working towards a more inclusive and participatory democracy.

Do not break our brotherhood: KPA opposes the Citizenship Amendment Bill

The Kerala Pravasi Association takes a stand against the Citizenship Amendment Bill, denouncing citizenship based on caste and religion. 

KPA’s Chairman, Mr. Rajendran Vellapalath, and President, Mrs. Aswani Nambarambath, have petitioned the Supreme Court, challenging the discriminatory central policy. 

In 1947, India was once divided in the name of religion. While Pakistan went on to become a religious state, India founded its secular policies that protected the beliefs of all religions and rejected religious divides. 

Our constitution, post-independence, embraced secularism, and it is an important journey we must continue as real citizens. We reject the notion of an official religion or religious state.

The Citizenship Amendment Bill threatens this very ethos as discriminating against refugees defies humanity. 

KPA stands firm, seeking judicial redressal to rectify such actions. Hence, we have filed a petition before the Supreme Court of India. We anticipate the court’s hearing of KPA’s Public Interest Litigation (PIL) and issuance of an interim order.

Initiated in 2020

Ayiram Bhavan Project

The Ayiram Bhavan Project is a significant undertaking spearheaded by the Kerala Pravasi Association Trust. Its primary objective is to tackle the housing requirements of individuals in Kerala and enhance their overall well-being and living standards.

The project aims to provide housing for those in need utilizing financial assistance provided by the KPA Trust. Financial support may also be offered to homes that have been damaged due to any natural calamities or otherwise. By providing secure and decent housing, the project contributes to uplifting communities and creating a positive social impact.

The Trust’s efforts in this endeavor demonstrate their dedication to the welfare and betterment of individuals in need within the state.

In a significant milestone, the Kerala Pravasi Association Trust completed the construction of the first two homes under the Ayiram Bhavan housing project. These houses were officially handed over to their rightful owners, marking a momentous achievement for the initiative. It also signifies the impact and progress made by the project in fulfilling the housing requirements of deserving individuals in Kerala.

The Ayiram Bhavan Project serves as a testament to the Kerala Pravasi Association Trust’s commitment to addressing housing challenges and improving the lives of people in Kerala.

Initiated in 2019

Voting Rights for NRIs

The Kerala Pravasi Association (KPA) recognizes the importance of ensuring that expatriates, despite living outside India, can exercise their right to vote and actively participate in the democratic process of their home country. The association has taken significant steps to address this concern and advocate for voting rights for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs).

KPA firmly believes that NRIs, as Indian citizens, should have the opportunity to have their voices heard and contribute to the decision-making process in India. To bring about this change, the association has approached the Supreme Court of India with the intention of securing the right to vote for Pravasi Indians.

The petition highlighted the importance of granting voting rights to NRIs and the potential impact it can have on democracy and representation. The association aims to bring about a constitutional amendment or legal reform that recognizes and guarantees the voting rights of NRIs.

By taking this matter to the highest court in the country, the Kerala Pravasi Association aims to draw attention to the concerns and aspirations of expatriates and create a pathway for them to actively participate in the democratic process. Through its legal efforts, advocacy, and engagement with relevant stakeholders, the KPA strives to ensure that the voices of NRIs are heard, their perspectives are considered, and their voting rights are protected.

The association firmly believes that enabling NRIs to exercise their right to vote will strengthen democracy and foster a greater sense of inclusion and representation for the expatriate community.

Initiated in 2023

Kerala Pravasi Association Moves SC Over Steep Airfare Challenges For Gulf Travelers

The Kerala Pravasi Association (KPA) has taken a significant step by filing a petition in the Supreme Court to address the exorbitant air travel fares to and from the Gulf, a pressing concern for NRIs.
The petition was filed challenging Rule-135 of the Indian Aviation Act, which empowers airlines to fix ticket prices.
The petition seeks a reduction in airfares and the establishment of a cap on these fares, asserting that the existing Rule-135 of the Indian Aviation Act, grants airlines unchecked authority to determine ticket prices. This action has been taken in response to what the KPA perceives as unjust exploitation of Indian travellers through exorbitant fare hikes by airlines, creating a violation of the citizen’s right to travel.
Every air transport undertaking is expected to operate in accordance with sub-rules (1) and (2) of rule 134, which establish the tariff by considering all factors, including the cost of operation and the characteristics of the service.
However, a lack of clear guidelines or transparency in the tariff fixation process has allowed airlines to raise fares without restraint and unfair exploitation of the vulnerable diaspora.
Consequently, both international and domestic fares have surged by 40% and 20%, respectively. The Gulf region witnesses the highest fare hikes during holiday seasons, between June to September, with airlines citing escalating fuel prices as the rationale.

Price hikes in popular sectors like Dubai – Kochi, and Thiruvananthapuram, reached exorbitant levels, leaving passengers with limited options. The airlines’ exorbitant rates touched Rs 1,04,738 for flights to Kochi and up to Rs 2,45,829 for flights to Thiruvananthapuram. This rate is expected to continue till the end of September. The lack of action saw expatriates pay Rs 40,000 to Rs 1.5 lakh for tickets that were previously available for Rs 7,000.
The petition also references the government’s previous intervention in setting fare caps for domestic flights based on flight duration. Currently, flights of less than 40 minutes’ duration cannot be charged above Rs 2,900 (excluding GST) and above Rs 8,800 (excluding GST) per passenger.
The petition highlights the need for a similar regulatory approach for international fares. The Kerala Pravasi Association is advocating for necessary amendments to the aircraft rules to establish minimum and maximum fare limits for airlines, providing much-needed relief to travelers.
The Kerala Pravasi Association had also filed a petition in the Delhi High Court and have reached out to Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia and the Director General of Civil Aviation, expressing their concerns about uncontrollable fare increases following a directive from the Delhi High Court.
The petition was filed on behalf of the association by Chairman Rajendran Vellapalath and President Aswani Nambarambath.

Initiated in 2021

Study the Efficacy of Rabies Vaccines in India

The Kerala Pravasi Association (KPA) has taken up an important issue concerning the administration of rabies vaccines in India, both for humans and dogs. Recognizing the urgent need for proper quality control and efficacy assessment of these vaccines, the association has filed a plea in the Supreme Court to address this matter.

The plea filed by the KPA seeks the formation of an independent expert committee to study the effectiveness of the Intra Dermal Rabies Vaccines (IDRVs) currently being administered to humans in India. The association is concerned about the number of deaths occurring despite the timely administration of these vaccines.

The KPA believes that a thorough evaluation of the efficacy of these vaccines is necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals receiving them.

The plea filed by the association emphasizes the need for an impartial investigation into the procurement and administration of rabies vaccines. The KPA has highlighted instances where vaccines were obtained without proper approvals from the Central Drugs Laboratory, violating established norms. The association has also emphasized on the importance of eliminating the risk of rabies at its source, primarily dogs, in order to effectively control the spread of the disease.

By bringing this issue to the attention of the Supreme Court, the Kerala Pravasi Association seeks to ensure that proper protocols and quality control measures are in place to safeguard the health and well-being of both humans and dogs. Kerala Pravasi Association’s efforts in raising awareness and advocating for the evaluation of rabies vaccines demonstrate its commitment to the welfare and safety of the public, both human and animal, in India.

Initiated in 2019

Curb on Air Ticket Pricing

The Kerala Pravasi Association had filed a petition in the Delhi High Court challenging Rule 135 of the 1937 Aircraft Rules, which governs the pricing of airline tickets on flights between Gulf countries and India.

According to the petition, airlines have been charging excessive and unreasonable prices for travel from Gulf countries to Kerala and the rest of India. This has created significant barriers for Indians who wish to travel to and from these nations, especially for employment, business, and educational purposes.

The petition contends that such exorbitant pricing restricts air travel infringes upon the constitutional rights of Indian passengers traveling to or from Gulf countries. The association argues that airlines should consider various factors, including the cost of operation, service features, reasonable profit, and generally accepted tariffs when establishing their fares, as stipulated in Rule 135 of the 1937 Aircraft Rules. The Kerala Pravasi Association requested the revocation of Rule 135 or an immediate interim remedy concerning airline costs.

It is the first time a writ petition challenging Rule 135(1) has been filed. The Delhi High Court has sought a statement from the DGCA regarding the petition, indicating that the court is examining the matter. The outcome of the case awaits the concerns faced by many NRIs regarding the exorbitant increase in cost of airline tickets on flights between Gulf countries and India.

Initiated in 2022

Mavoor Gwalior District Lands

The Kerala Pravasi Association (KPA) is working towards the release of the 246-acre district land, once home to Gwalior’s wood-pulp factory, from its owners Gwalior Rayons.

According to KPA, the land which has been under dispute for over two decades must be seized and directed towards more purposeful means like government-owned enterprises, which will bring job opportunities to the people of the state. KPA asks that facilitation should be provided to those who are rich in experience to start the industry.

KPA has approached the court with the above demands. KPA also held a seminar in Mavur to explore the industrial potential of the Grasim land along with continuing the legal process. The theme of the seminar is “Development Possibilities of Malabar in view of Grasim land in Mavur”.

Although the company closed down in 2001 after facing a series of agitations by local communities due to many deaths in the region, the land, now abandoned, remains in possession of the Birla management. Out of the nearly 330 acres, the Birla group had bought only 82 acres whereas the rest of the land was acquired by the state government for the project.

KPA believes that Mavur, once recognized as the “High Wage Island” due to Gwalior Industries, deserves the chance to regain its prestigious title.