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KPA strengthens its alliance with UDF in Lok Sabha Elections

Kerala Pravasi Association (KPA), sanctioned by the Central Election Commission, recently declared its intention to extend unconditional support to the UDF candidates in Kerala in the Lok Sabha elections.

This decision was announced considering the organization’s recognition of the importance of front politics while maintaining its unique identity in Kerala.

In today’s political landscape, safeguarding democracy and secularism is paramount. KPA finds itself unable to align with positions that promote vote-bank politics and exacerbate polarization in Kerala. After carefully considering the current political scenario, KPA has concluded that supporting the UDF is imperative for Kerala’s progress and development.

The decision to support the UDF also stems from KPA’s commitment to leading the diaspora community and using its expertise to create new and better opportunities for the people of Kerala. Recognizing the significance of non-residents having a voice in Kerala’s administration for its overall development, KPA believes that strengthening the UDF is crucial.

In light of the broader Indian political context, where alliances such as the “India Front” have been formed to counter the threat of fascism, KPA sees aligning with the UDF as a strategic move.

KPA’s unconditional support for the UDF reflects the organization’s firm stance on prioritizing Kerala’s development over outdated ideologies. This move signifies KPA’s proactive approach towards shaping Kerala’s future through strategic alliances that promise progress and prosperity for all.