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Kerala sets an example of unity and brotherhood

Telangana Chief Minister, Shri Revanth Reddy and Indian Union Muslim League President, Panakkad Syed Sadiqali Shihab Thangal inaugurated the anniversary event of “Sneha Sadass” event at Raviz Kadavu Resort, Kozhikode.

The event saw the release of the book “A Comprehensive Illustration of Friendship Gatherings of Syed Sadiqali Thangal” – a book of pictures and experiences of the many journeys made by Thangal across the 14 districts of Kerala and across cities in India (Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai etc), while raising the flag of religious harmony and brotherhood.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Revanth Reddy stated that he is envious of the people of Kerala, who have remained vigilant in keeping communal forces at bay.

“Kerala has not allowed any communal forces to enter this soil. Both proud and envious of this.”
He added that the country should model Kerala’s vigilance to move the society forward together.

The National General Secretary of the Muslim League, Mr. P.K. Kunjalikutty Sahib, who delivered the introductory speech, led the gathering to a huge success.

Eminent personalities from all walks of life (including spiritual masters of various religions, prominent artists, Padma Shri awardee, personalities from the political and social spheres) participated in this event, sharing a message of religious harmony and human love to the society.

The event was truly a noble example of humanity and must be set as an example for generations.
KPA appreciates and applauds the stand taken by the Muslim League to maintain unity in the society through such warm gatherings. Let this be an example and a message for all political parties.