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Self Reliant Kerala through Pravasis

Why is KPA relevant and necessary in today’s politics?

The Kerala Pravasi Association, founded and led by expatriates, is moving ahead with its membership campaign as they look to grow their active member partnerships. Several ward-based committees have been put in place across all districts in Kerala. The goal of these ad hoc committees will be to establish as strong upper committee through democratic elections, following which they will be made void.

Any Indian citizen of this country over the age of 18 years can become a member of KPA. KPA has adapted a transparent working style that will be led by a strong expatriate community whose main goal will be to address the basic needs and affairs of our fellow citizens and raise their standard of living.

Since its launch, KPA has faced several backlash as our goals and values have threatened other movements .

On one hand, minorities are being discouraged from joining KPA by calling it a Hindu bias and on the other hand, party members have been barefacedly called creators of Muslim appeasers.

Propaganda is active but KPA remains steadfast in their goals to bring the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) to power in Kerala. KPA is committed to push Kerala forward and denounce the previous and existing ruling parties, who have done nothing for this country. Nepotism, corruption and the archiac thinking of the leaders have left Kerala at a standstill.

Expatriates are the backbone of this country and continue to be neglected in every field. To lead this country to self-sufficiency, the diaspora community must stand unitedly with the people of this country. Let vested interests throw stones. The KPA will respond not with words, but with actions that join them together.

To every expatriate out there, KPA asks them to contemplate what is best for them. Do you want to spend more time supporting traditional politics that are unfit to last? Do you want to be part of a new political culture where political workers have not been devalued in this country?

Think and choose for yourself!