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Inspiring women: In conversation with Aswani Nambarambath

Aswani Nambarambath, Founding President National Council for Kerala Pravasi Association speaks about the Kerala Sree project and her vision for women’s empowerment .

When a group of us decided to work towards bringing change for the diaspora community and empower and utilize their  skills and growth of our country, we knew it would change the lives of women across the state of Kerala incredulously.

When we founded the Kerala Pravasi Association (KPA) in 2019 and in my role as President, the main goal was to work for the welfare and resettlement of expatriates from Kerala. Since then we have created a strong and active online community presence, of over 2.8 lakh followers, where contemporary issues are proactively discussed. Our colleagues who have relentlessly been part of this journey deserve a lot of appreciation too.

The registration of Kerala Pravasi Association (KPA) and the subsequent acceptance and support by the Election Commission and the larger diaspora community has firmly made KPA, an independent national political party.

Today, as one of the founders of the independent, national political movement called Kerala Pravasi Association and in my role, leading this movement from the helm in the capacity of National Council President, there is one thing that gives me the greatest joy – the presence and active participation of women in KPA.

The launch of our ‘Kerala Sree’ project was formulated for the empowerment of women. We plan to implement several schemes under Kerala Sree to make women more self-sufficient.

Since the party was established, we have grown in size and strength and today we are a group of enthusiastic women committed to working towards the welfare and betterment of the women across the country. There is great pride to see this number grow day by day and to see them raise their voice and come into the public arena and into leadership positions.

In our mission to provide more ‘Opportunities for women in leadership roles’ we have seen much progress. After all these are times when women entrepreneurs are continuously proving that no field of enterprise is alien or inaccessible to them.

We see more women in technology jobs today, than ten years ago. But just as important is the awareness and knowledge of the diverse professions and facilities available to them. There are many women who have not been able to bring to life their business dream.

Our objective at Kerala Sree is to create and provide them that self-employment opportunity in any business venture they wish to pursue. By being a part of KPA, they receive the encouragement, expert advice, support as well as financial assistance and investment to launch and realize their entrepreneur dreams.  Today as we go forward, we strengthen our pledge to grow in this journey and continue to work towards bringing equal opportunities to women.

To women everywhere, be confident in your abilities, and when the time comes, put those abilities to the test. Go ahead without doubting your own abilities, dismiss the obstacles and setbacks and walk towards success.

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