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Time to realize the Light Metro project in Kozhikode

Kozhikode, also known as Calicut was once capital of the powerful Zamorins and a prominent trade and commerce center. The city continues to be a center of flourishing domestic and international trade but is also known for its serene countryside, pristine beaches, historic sites, calm backwaters, wildlife sanctuaries and so much more. Chaliyar, Kallai Puzha, Kadalundi and Mithaitheru is a scenic land.

Popular with both tourists and traders, the city deserves to have a light metro, said the Kerala Pravasi Association.

“The demand for a light metro in Kozhikode, the center of Malabar, is years old. A metro city will initiate connectivity through its historical land including cities like Kanolikanal, Mananchira, Mithaitheru, Valiyangadi, Kallai Puzha, Katappuram and Kutchira.”

Metro is essential to avoid incessant traffic jams within the city and allows for better reach and connectivity. There is no doubt that metro will be a success in Kozhikode city which is also home to the country premier educational institutions like IIM Kozhikode and CyberPark Kozhikode.

A 2500-cr Light Metro project, covering a distance of 13.33 km, was previously approved in 2017, which never saw the light of the day.

“Kozhikode’s light metro is always at the top of the manifesto during elections. Once the votes are counted, the Metro will become the word of politicians who will never follow through. A Light Metro should be implemented to change the face of the city like it did in Kochi. The Light Metro is a must in Kozhikode city for the state development boom.”

“Let’s join our hands and work towards realizing this dream for the development of Kozhikode,” said KPA.