TPConnects Technologies

TPConnects Technologies

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

2019 – Present

TPConnects is a new generation travel technology company provides an innovative cloud based travel booking and distribution platform for airlines and travel agencies. Aswani leads the in-house IT operations and oversees the company’s digital marketing strategy, finance, planning and execution of budget, administration, HR, security and facility operations. She is an integral part in both short term and long term strategic planning process to organizational restructuring for long-term profitability. She also strategically manages investments to increase revenue, raising funds for the organization and to build sustainable profit and has successfully decreased operational costs by over 60 per cent in less than a year.

Global Organizations

Aswani has also joined hands with various global organizations, investors and dignitaries to foster positive business and initiatives relations while successfully identified and trained over 100 entry-level staff members (including IT and admin) to prepare them for job requirements.

Travel Tech

In her present role as COO of a Travel Tech Company, she is focused on creating an inclusive environment to encourage women to join and more importantly strive to grow in these jobs by providing a high level of mentorship and guidance; evaluating performance; and forecasting operating budget needs.