Ms Aswani is a passionate dynamic businesswoman with deep experience of 10+ years in Digital Marketing and Branding. She’s is innovative, focused, reliable, goal-oriented, resourceful and is always open to new concepts, ideas and suggestions with an alacrity to help others. I was consistently impressed by her leadership abilities, her dedication, and her people management skills. She is an innovator and always good to have in any team. She is a hard working talented young lady, and it was indeed a privilege to know her and work with her in the entrepreneurial start up ecosystem of Kerala.
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Shilen Sagunan

Chairman Malabar Innovation Zone and Malabar Angels

Aswani is an amazing professional, intelligent, self-driven, dynamic and she’s a go-getter. We all worked under the same umbrella of “Kerala Startup Mission” where she started her own company when she was only 21 years and she is one of the energetic women entrepreneurs from Kerala. Her dedication and commitment to work are truly admirable. I have always been amazed by her ability to act in a highly stressful environment. While setting up her company from scratch she was keen to help other members during their thick and thin. I strongly recommend her as an intelligent/effective manager and an inbuilt leader. For anyone, working with her would be an amazing experience and learning opportunity.

Kerala women empowerment

Bushair AP

CEO, Co-Founder@Woolly Farms

I know Aswani for quite sometime in connection with setting up her business branch in Kerala. What surprised me is her strong negotiation skills which is an important quality she should possess while handling such a crucial role in the corporate world. Her people management skills is very much laudable. She is good in handling marketing too. Moreover Aswani is a very approachable character and a good human being.

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Arun Rajeevan

GM- Marketing @ Infopark Kerala

We know each other through Kerala IT Startup mission. Ms Aswani took the courage to start a company when she was only 21 and I can proudly say she’s a talented young lady with rich experience in Marketing and with innate leadership qualities. She’s dynamic, polite, and an intelligent lady who’s trying to build her own empire, I wish her all the best.

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Ajay C Thomas

CEO of Sweans.com, Toycastle.com

I know Ms. Aswani since her college days. She learned her visual design basics from our institution and I can proudly say that I was fortunate to mentor her in her early career days. She is a real gem of a person who doesn’t just cruise her career but also becomes a role model for others especially in a society where there is huge gender equality. Her decision to become an entrepreneur that too at age of 21, was a tough decision and which she proved right with flying colors. Her commitment to work and insights into social issues are admirable. Her clarity in thoughts is very much evident in her business vision and decisions. Her creative thinking capabilities along with her proven leadership qualities will be a great asset for any organization. I am sure she will continue to cruise her journey in the global corporate world.

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Philip Thomas

CEO @ ICAT Design & Media College