Kerala Pravasi Association (KPA)


Kerala Pravasi Association (KPA)

Founding President National Council

2019 – Present

Aswani Nambarambath is the founding President National Council of the Kerala Pravasi Association, an independent non-profit, national political party led by expatriates, with the approval of the Central Election Commission, for the realization of the concept of a self-sufficient and self-reliant New Kerala through expatriates.

Aswani brings her expertise in technology and her commitment to work with like-minded people to KPA, where she oversees all the activities and events held by the organization as well as virtually coordinates with member associations from across the globe to expand KPA’s presence across the world. Her digital and social marketing expertise has helped boost KPA’s online presence to over 2.9 lakh followers on Facebook alone, making it one of the most followed international organization online.

A feather in her cap was the launch of KPA’s ‘Kerala Sree’ project, an ambitious project formulated to empower women by providing them with self-employment opportunities in any business venture they wish to pursue.

Members of Kerala Sree receive expert advice, business support, financial assistance, investment and motivation to launch and realize their entrepreneurial dreams.